We Share Your Passion ‘Seriously’

Established in 2000, Boost Motorsports provided performance workshop services to the Central Queensland region and supplied quality brand parts around Australia. Having completed many conversions showcased in Australian publications, from stroked v8’s into Toyota Hilux’s to 2JZ Bmw’s, we further developed supercharger kits for the Mazda MX5 and underground mining machinery. Amount the first in the region to take forced induction and conversions to the next level we continued to support Australian brands like Turbosmart, Haltech, Atomic Performance, C.E.S Exhausts and many more during a period that saw turbo charging and forced induction increase in popularity world wide.

Ceased trading in 2013 to explore manufacturing opportunities world wide and to follow the dream of competitive motorsports, 2019 marks the re-opening of the ‘NEW’ more focused Boost Motorsports.

Trade Display 2005

A decade on and even though our brand stays the same and the name has been used world wide we are proud to be now backed by industry leading suppliers ‘Worldwide’. We aim to bring our fellow motorsports enthusiasts uncompromised ‘Quality’ products and engineered components to those who share the same passion.

10yrs on and our Brand stays the same

As the love of motorsports sees us competing in various events around Australia we aim to showcase the brands we support and sell. Backed by industry leading staff in their chosen professions we offer a complete range to services required to share in the same passion as us. 

2018 Targa GBR

Look forward to hearing from you but most of all stay safe and have fun!

Joe Chuadee