Motorsports Products Sales and Services

2019 has been a outstanding year of achievements both on and off the track. Specialising in performance parts sales and engine conversions, Boost Motorsports proudly offers a range of performance products from custom ECU’s, exhausts, and suspension kits for all OEM manufacturers including exotics like Porsche, Lotus and ferrari.

Our products are distributed through-out Australia, UK and Sth East Asia so no matter where you are located we can provide you with the right product at the right price.

Custom ECU Wiring and Tuning

Have you begun an engine conversion but cant re-wire a new ECU? We offer a complete wire and tuning service by recognised and certified tradespeople.

Specialised Motorsports Brands

In need of the winning edge or sick of inferior products?

With proven brands and the right advice we offer only the best products to ensure you gain that competitive edge. Most important however, to use quality brands to enhance the building of your dream vehicle no matter what use is intended.